Ethnic Inclusion Foundation

Ethnic Inclusion Foundation is the new name for the Ethnic Minority Foundation as agreed by a unanimous resolution at the AGM of 28th September 2021.

Ethnic Inclusion is a social enterprise charity that heads a group of charitable organisations in the UK, London and Leicester.

Ethnic Inclusion’s work is centred around seeking equality for the ethnic communities to achieve fair representation among decision makers in UK at policy level and uplifting the marginalised communities into a more inclusive share of better health and general well-being, whilst investing in technology solutions for both economic and environmental sustainability. Its subsidiary group charities aim to deliver these objectives through practical projects with communities on the

ground, i.e., by giving them access to the arts, performing arts, upskilling masterclasses, fitness & wellbeing, children’s nursery welfare, vocational education, social technology solutions for hygiene and environment and general poverty reduction.

As a social enterprise charity, Ethnic Inclusion generates income from its own business activities and property rentals. Surplus income is then used to fund the charitable projects carried out by both Ethnic Inclusion and its subsidiaries. In addition, Ethnic Inclusion seeks external grant funding for its larger charitable projects.

Ethnic Inclusion works in several different fields to upskill and empower communities:

  • Advocacy work that highlights the injustices that take place in our society – aiming to inform and influence policy makers to enact substantive changes.
  • Policy and research into topics that impact the lives of ethnic communities in the UK. Our current focus centres around mental health issues; whilst former topics have included Brexit, House of Lords reform, and the role of British civil rights activists.
  • Capacity building of ethnic communities and their organisations, supporting leadership skills and creating networks. Projects on a mental health pilot study and a Ugandan Asian refugee’s experience 50 years on are presently under way.
  • Supporting individuals, including differently abled persons, through the provision of gyms and fitness activities. Presently a project is being arranged involving wheelchair sports.
  • Funding its subsidiary charity, the Peepul Centre Leicester, as its major community project in the UK.

Ethnic Inclusion seeks out partnerships with organisations who offer a significant contribution in their professional field. By such partnership working, Ethnic Inclusion can expand beyond its direct expertise and thus have a broader impact. Indeed, the idea of partnership is intrinsic to the idea of inclusion we seek in society.


Anil Bhanot OBE
4th November 2021