Our Vision & Work

We strive for a more equal society that is inclusive and try to achieve this through our subsidiaries and projects.

At the Peepul Centre in Leicester we bring arts to the local community and provide a series of affordable services to a deprived area of the city, including a children’s nursery, training rooms, bar and restaurant. We also offer spaces to local charities and health services. We promote a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and aim to educate the community on relevant issues, our offering includes fitness classes in our gym, an in-house nutritionist, mental health and the role of arts in wellbeing.

At Peepul Delhi we run projects that focus on social technological innovations and helping the most vulnerable in society. Our projects include affordable sanitary napkins, LED bulbs, manufacturing biodegradable cups and plates, and vocational training for women in order to help them fight poverty. In addition, we provide employment to local women who make household products through various government-based initiatives and thus help them become less dependent by receiving independent earning.