Disability Sports: Marina open – Wheelchair Tennis – India

The Marina Open Wheelchair Tennis tournament in Chennai, India concluded this weekend. It was a really interesting experience for me to get involved. As you can imagine, it was very hot in India but was still enjoyable playing, meeting fellow players, organisers and others involved. A very positive event and well organised by Sunil from @Astha. All players are eager to progress and reach international best standards, even though finance and other challenges can be limiting at times.

I am pleased that I was able to donate two wheelchairs for Indian disability sports. My trip was supported by Ethnic Minority Foundation.http://www.emfoundation.org.uk/.

The chairs were sponsored by the Canadian based organisation Diversable  http://www.diversable.org/ and the UK-India based children’s charity Polio Children https://www.poliochildren.org/

This was my first experience of Wheelchair Tennis in India, and I am keen to participate more and to support the development of this sport in India over the coming years.

Congratulations and best wishes to the tournament winners and all other players to reach more success in the future.

Manoj Soma