House of Lords Reforms for the Equality Act 2010 an express Manifesto pledge requirement

Institutional inequalities at the heart of the establishment, The House of Lords, which appear to lead to discrimination of the ethnic minorities as discussed in our Integration and Minorities Report pages 30 to 60 require urgent reforms. Our report looking at the last 5 years show how systemic weaknesses in the way the Appointments Commission operates seemingly breach the Public Sector Equality Duty under the Equality Act 2010, while the absolute powers vested in the Prime Minister for appointments to the House have evidently shown to be a corrupting temptation on the last incumbent.

The Ethnic Minority Foundation asks a future Government, a mature Prime Minister of substance, to make a manifesto pledge to reform the House of Lords at its earliest to enable it comply with modern practices of the Equality Act 2010.

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Integration and Minorities
Report 2017



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