Past projects for BAME communities

Our social justice programme has sought to tackle some of the most difficult issues facing societies today. We have worked to try and protect children from exploitation; safeguard the rights of women and other vulnerable groups; tackle poverty and seek social applications for new technologies. Most of the work we have carried out has taken place in the UK and India, where we have worked towards fighting racial discrimination, curtailing the spread of infectious diseases, and empower the position of women in society.

In the UK our most successful campaigns have focused on empowering women and members of BAME communities. (Chair)

With regard to women these campaigns have included and the Muslim Women’s Project. was a website that provided advice, information and essential contacts to help people out of forced marriage. The website also helped bring to the forefront an issue on which the government subsequently passed legislation.

The Muslim Women’s Project, meanwhile, provided free computers and English courses to help women in vulnerable positions integrate into society. Our BAME campaigns have included an MBA programme, whereby we provided funding for 40 BAME individuals to complete an MBA; upon completion of the MBA we then employed these individuals to work with BAME organisation in order to help them with capacity building.

We also ran a Leadership Programme through which we fostered the skills of BAME community leaders in order to help them succeed. In India some of our most successful projects have included:

  • Providing remote villages with solar power in order for electricity to reach them for the first time.
  • A TB awareness programme
  • The setting up of schools for underprivileged children nd helping farmers in deprived regions

The Foundation supports initiatives that seek to provide practical solutions to intractable social problems as well as those able to effect far-reaching social change. Over the ast 10 years EMF’s successes have included:

  • The creation of an industry specific MBA, creating over 40 new leaders for the sector
  • Creating the first comprehensive database of ethnic minority voluntary organisations
  • Sponsoring the first black woman to qualify at the Scottish Bar
  • The Muslim woman’s Engagement programme
  • The forced marriage awareness campaign
  • Creating community aset management programme

Currently most of our work is focused on social enterprises and providing services and oppurtunities to local communities.