Black Cultural Archives

Today EMF representatives including our Chair, Anil Bhanot, Trustee, Tangy Morgan, and research and policy officer, Coromoto Power Febres, visited the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton to meet with their Director, Paul Reid, and one of their Trustees, Patricia Hamzahee.

We were given a tour of their wonderful facilities, including gallery space, library, cafe and reading room. We also had a unique opportunity to look inside the archive room and look at historical documents and artefacts.

In recognition of the important work that they are doing on behalf of not only the black community but also in as far as moving towards recognition of the crucial role minorities have played in British history, we made a donation to the Black Cultural Archives to help fund their work on education and ensuring that minority histories are taught to future generations.
Going forward we are looking to collaborate with them in joint ventures that advance our shared aims, specifically the advancement of minority communities in the UK and challenging obstructions to social justice.